KS2 Archaeology & Stone Age Workshop video units W01 - W11 - sample clips (4 mins)


Consecutive Workshop Units:

W01. Looking For Clues (12 mins)
W02. Chronological Order (17 mins + working time)
W03. A Prehistory Mystery? (9 mins)
W04. Living In The Stone Age (11 mins)
W05. Tapping and Snapping (10 mins)
W06. I Hear A Deer Is Near (14 mins)
W07. Rot Or Not Rot? (13 mins, sample board from Loan Box needed)
W08. Back In Time For The Stone Age (10 mins intro + up to 50 mins Q&A)

Stand Alone Workshop Units:

W09. Stone Age Artists (12 mins) - This unit is also available on our YouTube channel.
W10. Archaeological Artists (4 mins + drawing time)
W11. History is BIG (8 mins)

Unit W08 Q&A Questions with pre-recorded answers (WQ01 - WQ10):

WQ01. Which animals lived in the Stone Age?
WQ02. What is the necklace for?
WQ03. What is the object you are carrying in your right hand?
WQ04. What is in the pocket on your coat?
WQ05. Why are the three spears all different?
WQ06. Did everybody in the Stone Age wear the same type of clothes?
WQ07. Where did Stone Age people live?
WQ08. Did anything change during the Stone Age?
WQ09. Which Stone Age things do we still do today?
WQ10. Did people have fun in the Stone Age?


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