KS2 Stone Age Learning Support video units - sample clips (6 mins)


Prehistory Mysteries 1-10 (4-7 mins each, items in bold are loan box artefacts, 'YT' indicates clip is also available on our YouTube channel)

PM01 The Dame de Brassempouy (carved human face, Mammoth ivory) - YT
PM02 The Lascaux Lamp (carved from sandstone, found in a painted cave) - YT
PM03 The La Madeleine Bison (spear thrower fragment carved from antler) - YT
PM04 A Necklace (animal teeth, beads, shells, amber, bone disc)
PM05 The Predmosti Mammoth (carved from Mammoth ivory)
PM06 Fire Making Kit (Flint, Marcasite, and tinder, in a birch bark container)
PM07 Fungus (Stone Age uses of fungus)
PM08 A Mammoth Tooth
PM09 Two Flint Hand Axes - YT
PM10 The 'Skhul V' early modern human Skull

Preparing and Using Animal Skins (8 mins)
Stone Age Needles (6 mins)
Stone Age String (14 mins) - YT
How To Make Stone Age String (6 mins) - YT
The Horse of Lourdes (9 mins)
The End of the Stone Age (6 mins) - copper ore in loan box
Prehistory 360 (11 x 1 min) - different flint tools on rotating display, one included in loan box.


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