KS2 Stone Age Artefact Loan Box (1:20 mins)



USB 3.0 flash drive with all video learning resources and guidance notes
55 illustrated vocabulary cards in A4 printable .pdf format

8 Life-sized resin replicas:
Brassempouy lady
Predmosti Mammoth
Bruniquel Leaping Horse
Horse of Lourdes
Lascaux Lamp
2x Hand Axe

4 Flint items:
2x Flint Scraper
Sample of raw Flint
Flint tipped tool on a wooden mount (knife or borer/awl or dart tip or spearhead)

Engraved Tectiform symbol with Hand Prints on reverse (A4 cork panel)
Laminated archaeological illustration of a hand axe (+ original file on USB)

Animal hide:
Small hand stitched sample of Reindeer and Red Deer hide

Sample Board, with:
• Antler-tipped spear point
• Red & Yellow Ochre powder (in sealed containers set into base)
• Iron Pyrites/Marcasite
• Flint
• Sandstone
• Copper Ore
• La Madeleine Bison resin replica
• Hazel wood
• Red Deer antler
• Reindeer antler
• Birch wood
• Birch tar (in sealed container set into birch wood)
• Pine resin (set into base)
• Antler needle
• 5 Cordage samples - Willow, Nettle, Rawhide, Lime Bast, Sinew

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